Yelapa , generally is a safe place, though you must take precautions. The overall rule is to bring only what you don't mind losing. I know that's hard. Cameras, Stereos and Walkmans are totally appropriate but are also the favorite goods to be resold by thieves. If you choose to bring these items, then you need to keep them with you as much as possible or leave them with your landlord or with a trusted friend, when leaving your casa for the day. Another tip is to not leave items downstairs, when sleeping in a loft. In regards to cash, carry it with you or hide it in a plastic bag and dig a small hole outside and stash it there till it's needed. Another tip is when enjoying the Disco at the Yacht Club on Wednesday or Saturday Night, keep an eye on your bag. When you get up to dance wrap it around a chair or have someone watch it. Be cautious of the teens that carry your bags from the pier to your casa. Have them drop your bags off in front of your casa rather than inside where they can scope your goods and casa.

I wish there was no thievery here but I can't say that, you can't say that for your hometown either! As in the US, drugs are usually the main cause.

Beginning in 2004 Yelapa has a police presence that lives in a small casa, off the concha (basketball court). If you have a problem, You can got to the Comisario or directly to the casa of the police, bring a translator to assist you. Javier, the Comisario/Sheriff lives just off the trail , on the right as you enter Saul's restaurant. His phone number in Yelapa is 209 - 5031.

Nov.2006.. We have had very little theft or major problems in Yelapa. Use precaution, especially in a casa where the person you rented from does not have someone that watches over the property. Use lockboxes and don't leave your items laying around.

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