Many are surprised to hear there actually is a road to Yelapa! But to travel it, you'll need to have a four wheel drive vehicle with high clearance and quite a bit of experience, as the road changes day to day , along with the weather. Also you have to take into consideration that it is well out of your way. From Vallarta to Tuito is 1 hour, another 1 1/2 hours on the dirt road to Chacala and another 45 minutes down to Yelapa. In total, 3 hours plus travel from Vallarta to Yelapa, or a quick 40 minute water taxi ride. You decide whats easier? Who travels the road? Mostly Yelapense and others that live in the pueblos above, such as Chacala, Moscotita, Ixtlhuahuey, Refugio, Llano Grande and more. Believe it or not there is actually a shuttle (up to 20 people squished into a flatbed truck ) that drives from Chacala most Saturday mornings and returns from Yelapa, Sunday mornings. Cost is negotiable.The majority that use this service come to visit family, in either town. Also materials are brought in from Tuito such as bricks, cement ect.. Many times money can be saved by cutting out the cost of carrying the materials up from the sea to the jobsite .There are two "parking lots" in Yelapa both located high above the pueblo, near the cemetery.

Driving to Yelapa is one option but to really take in it's amazing beauty is to walk or take horses. Walking is a feat and is recommended to travel via bus from Boca to Tuito and bus to Chacala and then walk more or less downhill to Yelapa. It's a good three hour plus hike. Along the path you will hear giant macaws and see the virgin rain forest filled with orchids and plant life. Around each turn, the soil seems to change from red clay to white sand. In theory, horse travel is easier, at least if you have some experience riding. An added bonus is to go on this trip with a guide. Many insider tips and knowledge can be passed. If your interested, contact us and we'll arrange it all for you.

An easier version of this adventure is to go by car to Yelapa Tapa, which is located about 20 minutes by car or 1 hour plus walking from Yelapa. From there you can get the bigger picture of where Yelapa sits and fantastic views of the Bay of Banderas.

I want to note that for years, many have feared a paved road to Yelapa. Many a rumor has been passed about it's plans. Some of the old dirt paths in the Cabo Corrientes have begun to be paved. I sleep at night knowing that if ever a road was to come to Yelapa, at least it would not be able to run through the town but only to the town's edge.

One more thing.. the road cannot be traveled the wet months of the year. A giant scaper works the road each year in late November or so, at that point, it is passable by car.

Que te vaya bien...( travel well )

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