Doñia Alicia can also help with insect bites, stomach problems, infected ears , scrapes and much more. Donations are accepted.

Doñia Alicia also offers Plant Walks in Yelapa. Donations are accepted. Here's a few pictures of past walks.

Please Feel free to visit the palapa in yelapa office for more information or to reserve a treatment.

Donia Alicia

offers her years of experience to visitors
and locals of Yelapa
and of the Cabo Corrientes.

Alicia is a Master Herbalist
and Vegetarian Cook
with a specialty in
Intuitive Healing.

Donia Alicia also offers
plant walks and guided tours
to nearby Chacala.

Alicia can be reached by
visiting her casa in Yelapa.

You can make reservations
at the palapa in yelapa office.