Greetings and Welcome to my life in Yelapa, Jalisco, México. Thanks for taking the time to read through our site.

I first came to visit Yelapa in 1991. A friend had lived here for twenty years or more and had raised a family here. After hearing her tales and seeing that my current girlfriend and kids were to live for a year in Yelapa, I finally pulled away from my workaholic lifestyle and visited. During that year and a few others after, I carried many a bag full of stateside treasures to Yelapa and became a frequent visitor. Each year thereafter, I would stay for as much time as my life would allow. Soon I had figured out how to live here most of the year and finally cut damn near all my strings to the USA.

After retiring from a small lifetime as a YMCA Director, I fell in love with a local girl and formed a family with her and her four kids. I never really realized what a big responsibility, I was taking on and soon I could clearly see the end of my retirement. We began by renting a few of our casita's here at Casa Iguana. From there we slowly moved to helping other locals find nice people to rent their casa's. Soon we became immersed in community projects, even though I had sworn never to repeat my past life. Since I had been designing web and had great success at promoting tourism here, we decided to put more energy into it. So here we are today... happy, healthy and having a blast promoting Yelapa. Not to mention having the opportunity to meet and assist wonderful people, from all over the world.

I am so honored to have Vallarta Lifestyles Best of Vallarta 2006 award me with "The Best Yelapa Connection. "

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