Modo Foto Shoot with Mayra Bojorje …Adventure!

We returned from our 9:30 am Modo Foto shoot with Mayra Bojorje and fellow Fotografo, Roberto Zepeda…well after midnight. It was a day that will be hard to forget…. (and the facts of this story will probably be exaggerated over time). We started the day with a double dose of cultural mis-communication. Our amazing model waiting for us in one spot and us waiting in another. After reconnecting we regrouped and almost did it again. By the skin of our teeth, on our last pass and ready to call it a day…Mayra sees my car with cows horns and flags us down from moving vehicle, heading the other direction. All smiles.. we headed for the first location in the Cabo Corrientes ( 30 minutes south of Vallarta) We were greeted with love and kindness at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. You can spend a week here taking fotos…It’s truly a nature’s paradise! We shot for an hour and immediately realized how amazing this day would be. We made a quick sampling of the house tequilas and off we went to the next location in nearby Tuito. Lolo and her daughter Lola of the Jardin del Tuito are good friends and masters of hospitality. If you’ve never seen this Boutique Hotel …do yourself a favor and visit. There is nothing like it, in this region. Our project was to shoot Lolo’s new line of clothing and art. The images made were over the top! After a scrumptious lunch we jammed for the hills and the water fall of Agua Calientes. ( 15 minutes from Tuito) completed a longtime goal of filming a beautiful model in the rip roaring cascada. The owner Ambrosio Castillion had been asking me for years to take fotos. Most of our clothes stayed on… and crazy wild fantastic Images were made! After a quick massage from the giant stream of water we made a last push to Tino’s Hacienda el Divisadero in Guasimas.. glowing from positive energy we recounted the amazing day and how we were blessed to experience it and all the sudden a huge rainbow appeared! (I aint making this shit up) We stopped the car in the middle of the dirt path and began to shoot. What happened next is the almost surreal… and will be told later today… as the entire adventure was shot on video by Mayra! Please stay tuned…we now return you to the show, in progress.

Ok… the second part of the story has finally been revealed! Believe me waiting for a beautiful model to upload a video can take a huge helping of patience… I admit patience maybe isn’t me strong point. So as the tale goes….as I pull to the side of the road , the wet saturated ground gives way and my car with horns of a cow…ends up almost flipped over with the back end a few feet off the ground. We all couldn’t help but laugh! The oncoming truck stopped and offered to head off to the nearby town and get us a rope to pull us out. Our positive energy of the day continued as we shot some beautiful fotos and waited for his return. Minutes later with his help .. we tied the rope to the back of my car and began the attempt to pull it out. By Gods grace Mayra begins to film this adventure with her Iphone. The attempt fails and we struggle to get traction. Roberto jumps up on the car to get the back tire to touch the ground and then with a brainstorm.. I decide its best to have the big man get up and help… actually I think Mayra was directing at this point. The car begins to move and she cheers and then we hear no no no…. and realize with the tug of the truck and the gravity….. my car is rolling and yes… right for a giant hole filled with water….unbelievable! As you see.. It lands standing almost straight in the air! We all die laughing and in shock…I have driven these back roads for more than ten years without an accident and today brings two in minutes! We re scope the situation and our new friend heads off to find the local tractor and driver. After another round of realizing how funny that Mayra has filmed the entire scene. We watch the video a few times and laugh once again till it hurts. It was then we realized how amazing the light was and quickly Mayra changed into her hot pink Bikini and we started to take fotos in the meadow. This lead foto of this story was taken at this moment.. Look at the light! Truly Amazing! Just then I hear a car coming from the other direction… a bit of a tense moment as we realize what it might look like to these farmers as they come across us with Mayra’s bikini and my car standing straight up…absolute coincidence… It’s Tino of Tinos Mariscos and his chef and three brothers that are his employees and my friends. Another round of laughter and a quick round of solutions… Tino sizes up the scene fast! And sends the chef for a bottle of his best raicilla , glasses and some bug repellant! What a wise man Tino is! We all drink to the adventure and after a round of fotos, they invite us back to his wonderful Hacienda to taste his resposada ( aged raicilla ) and for the next hours Tino , his wife, her mom, the chef and the brothers show us a round of Cabo Corrientes Style Hospitality! Sometime later…(It was a bit fuzzy) we hear what must be the tractor coming and like magic car arrives.. smiles are everywhere… we pass some monopoly money to the tractor driver and head off down the road ….Viva Mayra!!! Viva Roberto!!! Viva Tino and Family!!!! What a mofo day it was!

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