three month post

Three months of solid adventures…I can barely catch my breath!

While life in Mexico can surely be trying, the last months have been fun and filled with great people and interesting places. Below are some photos of the highlights. I have been at another crossroads in life and trying to fine tune, how to survive and what to be when I grow up. My latest adventure has been creating a tour company based on the mold of my vip tours I have offered to friends. My home base is my tour out of Yelapa and up to the nearby rancho’s. I’ve been traveling there for 10 years and the tour is truly amazing. While living in Vallarta this summer, one of my neighbors was a runner and told me stories of small ranchos high above Vallarta and the Rio Cuale. After many visits and a load of investigation, I am pleased to announce a new tour in the Ejido, El Jorullo and the nearby ranchos and especially sweet, Los Llanitos. This tour offers swimming in the upper cuale…river swimming at its best. Wait… Im not even close to being done! I was lucky enough to guide the prestigious, “Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine” on a tour of Tehuamixtle, Mayto, Villa del Mar, and more. Luckily designing a tour takes alot of adventures and visits. Over the past month, I have created a fantastic tour that offers friends a chance to see this magical area. Things are moving fast down there, so now is the time to visit… before its gone! Be sure to look for the new issue of Vallarta Lifestyles, available now. Another jewel of a tour I designed with the help of friends is San Sebastian and Real Alto including a visit to La Bufa. Very few get a chance to see the places and food we have discovered. This is a two day trip. A few months ago Mexico Master, David Simmonds was in town and took some tours with me. What a blast we had! We are more than pleased to be featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s travel section. The season is half over…All you have to do is pass me an email and tell me which of the trips you want to go on with a few days notice. First come.. first served.

Yelapa High Speed Internet! After many years or work and planning we have accomplished to bring High Speed Internet to Yelapa. We currently have six clients and orders for four more. The goal for me was to be able to use it in my cove front office and I can finally scratch it off my list. If your Interested in trying it for yourself head down to the Hotel Lagunita, in the mornings. The next phase includes Hot spots community wide. Stay tuned.

I have a ton I could write about but choose not to. I remember the old days when I wrote from my heart, now I have to edit everything so much that you all will have to just read through the lines. THANKS for your continued support and make sure to say hi when your here visiting.

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