same path


I had a 3pm MTG today at the airport. I got there and Juan couldn’t make it so I decided to go across the street and kill some time over a Marlin Burrito. (located across the bridge) As I looked down the way came a familiar face. Hari? nah..must be another bearded jewish guy of the same brand…Brad? WOW!!! Unbelievable! Hari was in a near by town and even took the energy to make a visit to look me up in Yelapa but I was not to be found. Here we were on the same path, going to the same restaurant, at the very same time. Hari is a friend from my past life in Sonoma County and one I’ve known for 25 plus years. It was so cool to enjoy a meal and tell stories. I always remember the time when I used to volunteer to help people move and one the hardest moves in my life was for him…An author..with a collection of books that filled a house and beyond. We both reveled in the power we hold. Life is amazing!

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