Crystal Milana  UjENA

If I didn’t answer any of your emails this week its because I’ve been hard at work, visiting the UjENA JAM 2009 in Puerto Vallarta. I remember reading the press last year as they arrived for their week long event. So what is a country bumpkin from Yelapa doing there? Mainly I went to see what brought them to Vallarta and what made this such a hugely successful event. Once I arrived to the press conference Saturday night, I began to see what the event really was about. It’s far from just watching the most beautiful bikini models in the world strutting down the aisle. it’s the only event in the world where models and photographers compete for the best photos shot during the event. The levels of the JAM are truly amazing. They have created a multitude of sponsoring partners, produce massive amounts of photos and content, through workshops offer insider tips for the industry, support opportunity for newcomers to jump start careers and best of all successfully spread this joy all over the city. Bob Anderson, UjENA JAM Founder, has created an event that truly impacts many people. Yes… they also throw the best party in Mexico! but you all know I’m never seen at the Yacht Club and the same goes for the late night parties in Vallarta. Today I spent the afternoon talking and networking with models, photographers and local press at PuntoV while twenty plus models and photographers showed off there craft, for all to see on the Malecon. It was a scene. At the same time it was great to see all the reactions and joy it brought to town. If you would like to learn more about the Company, which is celebrating its 25th year! Take a look at their web site. It is clear they have created a family, not just a business. I doubt If I can convince them to bring the party to Yelapa, but I haven’t given up yet. More adventures to come in the week. VIVA UjENA!

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