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Heres a note from a recent visitor. Amazing but certainly true! (some names and the casa location have been changed to protect their privacy.)

June, 2009

After learning about Yelapa, we planned our first visit to the little Mexican village.

My girlfriend Danielle and I arrived in Yelapa on June 17, 2009 around 5:00 p.m. After unloading our bags and settling into our casa we ventured out into the pueblo for our first Yelapa dinner. We left the casa in a light drizzle, which quickly turned into a downpour. It was amazing to see the excitement of the villagers due to the arrival of the long awaited rainy season. The torrent of water winding down the narrow, stone path provided a great waterslide for several young children. Unfortunately, due to the combination of an economic recession, swine flu pandemic and the onset of the rainy season, all restaurants appeared to be closed. We walked a couple laps around the pueblo before the rain stopped and we were able to sit outside at Brisa’s and enjoy a great meal. After dinner, we hiked back home and to settle in for the night.

As we settled into bed, I noticed the green indicator light on my cell phone flashing every few seconds. My cell phone was losing power. Having recently secured the mosquito net, letting laziness assure me that my phone would die shortly and the annoying light would pass, I decided against getting out of bed and fighting with the netting again. This was our first night in Yelapa, and we were trying to become familiar with all the sounds of the night, most of which sound like someone or something rustling in the jungle just outside of the palapa. As we lay in bed, we discussed the day of travel and enthusiastically planned how we would spend the next several days.

My cell phone had still not completely lost power when we noticed a similar flashing high in the cloudy night sky. It appeared green in color also but at altitude consistent with an airplane. The distant flashing remained stationary for a few moments before moving to our left across the horizon. Assuming it was an airplane and nothing more, we listened again to the countless sounds of the night. Shortly after, we noticed the green light again. It was back near its original position. Puzzled, we wondered aloud to each other, “Maybe it’s lightning instead of a plane…”
”Or perhaps,” I said jokingly, “the indicator light on my phone is signaling aliens and they are responding.”

At the time, we contributed our paranoia to being out of our element and new to the surroundings. We stopped staring at the sky and tried to fall asleep. About thirty minutes later, almost lulled to sleep, we were startled by a bright white light approximately the size of a golf ball flying around in the darkness about 100 yards away. We both immediately connected this strange sight to what we had witnessed earlier in the night. The eerie white light hovered around the trees outside the bedroom for several minutes. Now wide awake sitting straight up in our bed, we nervously questioned each other again as to what the light could be, but neither of us could generate a definitive answer. Although there was no bug that I had ever seen that looked as this light did, I tried to reassure myself that it was just some mysterious local jungle insect.

Sitting in bed, dumbfounded, attempting to settle my suspicions, the light grew larger. I realized that the light was now slowly moving closer to us. Soon, it was hovering just outside our palapa and had increased to the size of a softball. It appeared the light was conscious of our presence and flew into our room under the roof of the palapa and directly towards the bed. Danielle shrieked and the object went into the corner closest to the bathroom and back wall.

Danielle said, “Go see what that is!”
I replied, “Hell,no, I’m not getting up to see what that is!”

The light then flew into the bathroom. We could see it moving back and forth. It could have escaped through the bathroom door or window but instead returned into our room and began flying towards the ceiling. The roof covering is made from a translucent, plastic type material. The light was trying to get out but could not get through the covering. Finally it was able to find its’ way out through the same area which it had entered.

Our hearts were pounding. I had no idea what we had just experienced. The morning could not come soon enough. We longed to seek answers from the locals who might have encountered similar lights in the jungle.

The next day, we asked some of the villagers about different bugs. They offered up descriptions of dragonflies and small lightning bugs with green eyes. The light we saw was a brilliant white and the only comparison I can offer is the intensity of a star. A couple days later, we were sitting on the beach awaiting sunset. Daniel, who is the bartender at Rogelio’s, had become our friend during our time in Yelapa. Feeling comfortable enough to share our story, we described the experience we had on our first night in Yelapa. Unfazed by our story, Daniel calmly stated that aliens come to Yelapa all the time.

”The United States bothers them with investigations,“ he said. “The aliens come to Yelapa because they are free to come and go.” He even drew a picture of one in the sand.

Upon returning to home, I was very excited to speak with the owner of the Casa and find out if he had ever witnessed a similar occurrence. I fully expected him to tell me that what I saw was nothing out of the ordinary. Surely he would say the mysterious flying object was an insect and tell me everything about it. I walked into his office, thanked him for the house, and told him how much fun we had.

Then I asked, “Have you ever noticed anything weird in the house?”
He said he hadn’t and asked if I had seen something. As soon as I mentioned that I saw a light, he cut me off.

“Was it like an orb?”

I paused and said, “That is exactly what it looked like.”

He explained to me that stories of a strange light had been circulating for some time around Yelapa. The stories were curiously similar to mine. The cause of these lights has not yet been determined. I wonder if perhaps Daniel is right.

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