stay on the path


A good general rule is to stay on the path! A few days back, I was out on an excursion with Jael and Mateo from Pizota. We ran into a few friends heading to the same remote pristine waterfall as us. It was so nice to swim and get a wonderful massage from the flow of the water. Our friends left and went on to see other pools above. Later that day they revealed their adventure. While exploring off the path.. the son and mom were sitting on a fallen tree that was lodged firmly into a big hole. As they checked the strength of the tree instantly it disappeared along with the son. The mom and girlfriend quickly sussed the situation. Suddenly, bats come flying out of the hole…by the way, which turns out to be a 20 ft cave. The girls above, quickly look for branches to extend to him with no avail. The son who already used a huge good luck token because the bottom of the cave was filled with water and so he had no damage from the fall. He tried to climb the inner wall but it was impossible. He investigated the water with had a lots of debris and material on it. As he dove down , he saw that it seemed to be a bit lighter and so he took a big breath ..(just like an adventure movie) and swam a good ten feet under and through an opening that connected to the nearby river and safety.

As we all met up at the end of the day to catch our water taxi, we exchanged stories of how we each enjoyed our day and adventures. We thought the waterfall was amazing and our day relaxing and believe or not they did too! except for a tiny bit of adventure. Lessons learned… Canadians from remote places are super burly and do your best to stay on the path.

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