nothing stands still


A few months ago while on a backroads tour…I suddenly wasn’t on the backroads. I came to a sudden stop. A Road? I had traveled this stretch past Guasimas many times, enough times to internally know each turn. Within a few weeks the local government had paved a huge section. As my speed doubled, I sat in shock as practically all the way to Tuito was asphalt!

Last Saturday…I finally got around to attempting to drive my car out of Yelapa to use in Vallarta . Just around the corner, we were stopped by a 10 man crew laying cement and stone. “Roads Closed” he screamed, as he shook his finger at us. Nah… we need to come through… “ok”..that was easy… Around a few more turns, we ran into another crew laying it down and quickly mixing cement. As we continue upward, we clearly saw the writing on the wall… piles and piles of stone…ready to be laid. It is impossible to pave the entire road but within weeks, all the tough spots will be completed and Yelapense will have a good chance of using the road year round instead of just for the dry season. Another day… I will tell you all the story of the new road to Pizota….that’s right! Pristine Pizota got its first cleared trail… that allows car access.

With all this said..water taxi travel still makes the most sense to all visitors of Yelapa and Pizota. These roads take super experienced drivers and the upmost of caution, even if they are paved. Clearly…Life here is changing…

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