What to expect on a June/July Visit

its all in a name

Visiting Yelapa is the low season has many great rewards. The rain which is very similar to Hawaii ( we are on the same latitude) is often at night or in the early morning. The rain brings cooler temperatures and greens all floral life to the max. Cold showers are the best. The Ocean is usually flat and we have the most amazing colors and visual lightning storms. Swimming is not great off the main beach due to the opening of the mouth of the Rio Tuito. Visibility is the issue. Best swimming is the far left of the main beach and Isabels beach, off the point, even better, 7 minutes south in Pizota. Up River Hike is wonderful but recommended with a guide in these months , due to the strength of the water. Power outages and water issues at your casa are very common but rarely last more than a few hours. But, you never really know. The power outages, do bring complete silence to to the village. We have many stores open and fresh food is readily available. The summer months also bring lots of fish, more than any other time of the year. Every night, a restaurant is open somewhere in the village, locals can point you in the right direction. Summer also brings out some amazing insects and great insect sounds. All Casas provide bug nets for comfort. The majority of time, the insects are not of any bother at all. I find for sleeping comfort, your relationship with your fan is very important. Towels rarely dry out well unless you bring them to the Laundromat. When packing to arrive in Yelapa, put all items in a plastic bag and tie it shut and put it inside of your suitcase, that way your items will remain dry.The bottom line is to have patience and be positive about your adventure. It really is the time to visit. It will not be your average vacation. That can be found poolside in Vallarta.

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