Casa Imaginacion closes

casa closes!

The Casa has closed it’s doors. As we prepared to pay our yearly rent, we found out that our landlord had other ideas for her property. Our Board of Directors met and decided it was just too great of a task to rebuild in another location quickly, so the decision was to close the Casa. Sometimes great things have to come to an end!

Many of the supplies of the Casa were stored locally ( in case of another reincarnation) other supplies were gifted locally and also donated to other towns in our Communidad.

The Donations collected in our fundraising’s will be held till a decision is made by the Board on its use. If you have some ideas feel free to pass us your input. We can be contacted here. All prizes from the 08 Raffle will be honored.

A final accounting and report is being prepared and will be available locally and also posted here.

Once again…Thanks to all the Volunteers!

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