Swine Flu Blues

Swine Flu

With great displeasure I write tonight about the Swine Flu that is out and about. It sure has the ability to get you going…and thinking. As of now…we have had no positive cases anywhere in our State of Jalisco! Its good to see that precautions are in full force. A kids dream…schools closed for more than a week! you even get a pass to not visit church.. sin free!

Here are two articles that my friend Mike showed me and seems the most clear to me. First is this article, where a month ago a couple of huge drug companies partnered for a new $126 million vaccine plant with a built in option to handle pandemic situations… oh yeah.. where is this new plant? Mexico City!!! what a coincidence! and this beauty of an article that the US press seemed not worthy to print.

So…is Yelapa safe? there’s a bit of unknown.. but tonight I read some tips that recommended …fresh air, small amounts of people and lots of fruit and juices…that screams Yelapa!

The headlines read… Avoid nonessential travel to Mexico, U.S. warns… I ask you one thing…Is your vacation essential? …………………yes!

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