Tech and Yelapa

I strongly agree that Yelapa and Technology are not always a match. Early yesterday morning as I began to see how the day was forming…I decided to once again stay home and work on web and emails. My family was off for yet another day of wild and crazy parties via the June 1st (mariners day) Yelapa’s biggest beer bash and a two day rodeo with band. Just as the chaos of getting all ready and there boots dusted off…the power shuts off….I sit and patiently wait for its return… At the same time I am calling the states because earlier in the morning I couldn’t email or even pull up my web site…I finally contact my friend and tech master who hosts my site. It turns out that the backbone to my site, his provider had a fire and it caused a huge explosion and took out three walls, 9000 servers and 7500 customers…one of them me! 30 hours later… we are back in business…So once again Im reminded how funny it is to run a business in paradise and one that is dependent on technology…

unbelievable update… today June 2nd my Mac account which my international emails route through is down…!!!
I truly believe a message is being yelled here…how can all my accounts die in a day of each other…and weirder is the size of each of these providers… cool is life?

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