out of the office…literally

The way in Yelapa is to spend the months of May-October preparing for the upcoming rain and then the upcoming tourist season. Then like a slow wave forming the season kicks in and it has pretty much been a blur for me trying to keep a hold on this little business I built to feed myself and family. See.. I was accustomed to spending my day doing nothing but relaxing, actually nine months of doing nothing! Virtually the week I retired was the week I figured out that I better get to work and see how I was going to support my new family. With the help of Alphonso Garcia Martinez, I built the ultimate ocean front office and apartment. For the past two seasons, I have practically lived there for the “busy season”. All worked out better than we ever planned but not without a mountain of learned lessons. All this brings you up to date… and here are the changes come in! Myself and Alphonso had always planned to make a profit from the office by renting it. I just never manifested that it would be so awesome of a space to be in and work in…hence, I never rented out the office. This next season is your oppourtunity to rent our ” Vista del Mar # 0 “. I am leaving the office and building a new office, next door on the property of my In- laws, Marcos and Alicia. It’s a huge project to take on but has huge rewards also. The new palapainyelapa office, that will be completed this summer, offers me the same location for arrivals and departures and amazingly so, it’s closer to the ocean than my last office…is that possible? I will continue to book the ever popular, beach front, Casas Garcia and have also added a number of super special properties into my portfolio. Vista del Sol is one of my new properties that offers a full size pool! The other is Casa de Los Arboles, one of the most unique Grand Casas in Yelapa and yet another is the rebuilt Shapiro Ranch, newly named , “Casa’s de los Sueños” which now offers six custom spaces of all sizes and flavors for rent. I have more… Casa Aramara, a newly built, large custom palapa with everthing you need and not to mention, “Casa Luna de Miel”, with private beach, tentsite and more. One of the most requested in my stable is “Casa de los Arcos”, built with quality in mind, offering two bedrooms, two baths and a giant deck at a great rate! I have more but will save some of my pitch for later…

So what does this picture have to do with this post? This is Occidental, Ca. and where I am off to vacation/work from this upcoming week. I will be away from email and phones. Pretty strange to visit the States to get away from technology but true! I’m sorry if I haven’t answered your emails lately as I have been torn away to other projects but will be on it when I return, fresh and clean. I want to thank you all for your support and for including me and my family in your Yelapa vacation. I am so blessed with my life, my family and with the positive thoughts of the upcoming season.

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