silver foxes visit

I usually don’t write much about scorpions or snakes or other tourism killers but this is too interesting to pass up. A few days back a silver fox ran into an unnamed casa and grabbed the pant leg of the resident, Another woman inside the casa helped and fended off the beast. Within minutes the silver fox makes another house call and again is scared out of the casa. A few minutes later two walking home and freaked out by the bizarre noise coming at them full force and in the dark. With a stroke of luck they fend off the animal with a board they are carrying and the fox dies… end of story? nothing is that simple in Yelapa. The next morning a telmex man is up a ladder working on a line when a rabid silver fox attacks his ladder and freaks out the phone man. Tensions run high and the neighborhood bands together and raise their guards. The next day or so, a fox is killed by crossbow as it enters into an awaiting residents casa. I asked another local what he thought of this crazy happening and he said when the fox are acting this way it’s a sign that in fifteen days we will have raising temperatures. ah… life in Yelapa!

April 20th update… not a fox in sight! Just thought I’d let you all know it’s safe to visit.

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  1. Sue Says:

    Great! Since I’m arriving in 10 days, warmer temperatures will definitely be welcomed. However, the foxes will hopefully retreat to cooler pastures by then. This is the stuff great trip reports are made of!

    Anyone have a baseball bat I can borrow?

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