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I rose before my neighbors blaring round of ranchero music and the daily roosters and braved yet another shockingly cold shower, at our Casa Iguana. On my list today was the purchase list for hooking up the electic water heater that I bought last year and never manifested hooking up. Being on top of my game, I finally got smart enough to pay the elusive Jaime to visit and scope the project. Of course my well planned day started with a run to my beach office for a forgotten paper and then an arranged meeting with Chelly, the pie lady for a whole assorted pie which use I’ll explain later. Before you know it I was in the middle of the Bay talking to Jamie, the owner of Pollo Bollo about the history of his famed restaurant. Upon arrival to the Los Muertos Pier, I was met by my friend and future lawyer Sergio. After a nice drive through Vallarta looking for a copier for a stack of neccesary but silly papers for a FM3 renewal. Next was a rare meeting with Moses and yet another Jaime on our upcoming high speed internet project in Yelapa. The stumbling block is money. If I wasnt trying to buy a boat , build a casa and support a family, I would be there. So I have to settle for trying to put the project together and looking for an investor or partner. Definetly a step closer. Even a Yelapa web cam is in the works! From there began the purchasing of goods , all in a well thought out order of location. After years here , I’m finally figuring out to do the Vallarta Shuffle… a sort of rushed scavenger hunt that ends at 3:50 , just before the 4pm water taxi back to paradise. A major stop today was complete submission to my doctor at Cornerstone Hospital. That’s where the pie came in… a gift /bribe so the doctor would only tell me what I wanted to hear… My bites turned out to be some type of spider and I finally decided to look at my swollen leg. A Doppler was done and I learned what I already knew…lose some weight and my circulation in the one leg isn’t great. I even was given a dvd of my exam. A swipe of my debit card and I was off to the finish line collecting all my purchases and a los muertos return with time for a round of email on the pier in my secret wifi location…I ended the day with a great converation with some old friends from Colorado who consulted me in media/promotion Ideas. A sweaty carry, up the steepest hill in Yelapa and back home to my youngest boy with chicken pox , our three dogs and my hammock. Did I mention that today was lovely and filled with sun!

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  1. Sue Says:

    Muchos besos a Yael, pobrecito, él esta enferemo.
    THREE dogs? You mean Paloma is no longer an “only child”? I can’t wait to meet her brothers and/or sisters when I come back in 43 days! If they are as sweet as she is, you are one lucky family.
    Abrazos y besos, Susana
    P.S. I happen to adore musica ranchera but I usually hear ‘banda’ blaring in the street. And no stay in Yelapa is complete without the complimentary cold shower! Ya’ gotta’ love it!

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