It was a normal night at Casa Iguana with the family and Inlaws hanging out and our 90 plus year old aunt who has been living with us fainted at the sink. As soon as I saw her face, I knew it was a stroke. Our young friend, Adan from Chacala ran to get the doctor and we as a family massaged and laid hands on Teresa. Adan returned and reported that there was no doctor tonight! Teresa’s son who is the Police Chief , ran from the main beach to the casa with his two other officers in tow. Teresa remained in her usual spirit , teasing me and the size of my belly as we continued to massage and access her functions. It was clear that one side of her body was not there. Luckily I had a blood pressure monitor and Daly with her 300 volunteer hours at the health center, for last year´s high school graduation, took over as nurse. Over the next hour or so she began to get a bit better. We finally got a hold of a doctor friend who after hearing of her super low blood pressure told us to get a coke for her and when her pressure rises and she is stable then we should get her to Vallarta. More time passed and it seemed she was getting better. We ended up staying by her all night and by the grace of God she was back to 95% the next morning. A day or two has passed and she is recovering more and more. Yesterday Judith of came by and exercised with her with great results for the both of them. I know we aren´t out of the water yet, but we sure feel better.

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Our prayers are with you and your family…
    Bob and Kelly

  2. Sue Says:

    How wonderful that she has recovered this far. Tell her that we’re praying for her complete recovery.
    Big hugs, Sue

  3. Laura Says:

    Oh Brad, I’m so glad to hear she is doing much better!

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