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The other day I received an email from Melinda. As a pro photographer, she came across a box of Yelapa photos from thirty years ago. She was nice enough to send a few… and of course I’m going to share them with you. Thirty years ago, Yelapa had a number of world travelers that settled here and built grand palapas. One of the most visible were Rita Tillet and her husband, Howard. I only know them through stories and gossip. They had a giant palapa located in the same location of my office today. Their guest house and at gallery still exist . The main Casa burned roughly twenty five years ago. I asked a few oldtimers in Yelapa about their current whereabouts and many didn’t know. Today, I confirmed that Rita is living in San Diego and Howard passed away ten years ago. Pictured is Melinda wearing one of Rita’s outfits. If you passed through Yelapa and met Rita and Howard and want to share a story , feel free to pass it on to me.

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  1. mateo Says:

    As a child growing up in Yelapa one of my jobs was to deliver notes. many of my days would start with my parents sending me off to Peggy’s at which point she would send me off to Karina’s out on the point and then Karina would send me to Ruby’s and so on. At some point in the day I would end up at Rita’s. one of of the customs was that whoever I was delivering a note to would give me a treat, Peggy a coke, Karina a cookie and Ruby, being a great cook, would make me lunch or a snack. Rita’s treat was dessert. she always had flan that her maid would make from scratch. so when ever I arrived there, while she was writing a response to the note I had delivered, I would sit in the kitchen and eat home made flan. Rita also had a chihuahua that had a real mean streak. Some times he would be at the bottom of the path to her house and I would have to do a little negotiating with the beasty, but due to his tiny stature he wasn’t to much of a problem. I enjoyed my times with her at her beautiful house and still have very fond memories of Rita and Howard. Till next time, adios

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