thirty five years ago

Tonight JoAnn sent me this email. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it… “I was in Yelepa in 1971 for about 6 months. It was a blast. We stayed in about 3 houses. One was near the beach and someone said that Ralph Waldon Emerson had stayed there ?? I remember all the interesting people… the yacht club , the tourist store , the main general store, the dances with the generator, the tortilla machine, the curandera , the waterfall, the overflowing of the river, the hollywood producer’s commune, the fashion designer from New York who was involved with the carpenter, the executive from Pepsi, the grandson of an exiled President of Mexico. It was a cast of characters. We read, relaxed, swam talked by the kerosene lamp, watched out for scorpions and tried to disguise the taste of raicilla. Your site is wonderful and brings back so many good memories. Taking the supply boat to town and then feeling bored and wanting to come back to Yelepa in an hour or two. Then there were the visits from the federales. it was all in all a wonderful experience Hope to come back some day. Which house do you think I am talking about it had large wooden shuttered windows you could open to the sea, flower gardens and a barbecue pit. It had a tin roof and a shower you could heat up. we had two double beds on an area a little raised fron the rest. There was a stone barbecue outside and a terraced garden. ”

My guess is the current casa of Whippet Pam… It’s right off the river. I’ll ask her landlord as I walk home tonight. Once again, Thanks JoAnn for the email and kind words.

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  1. kelly Says:

    what a totally cool story!

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