casa’s garcia

Here’s a photo to help you figure out where the Casa’s Garcia are located. Vista del Mar is on the right. My palapainyelapa office is beach level and on the top is the new “Studio del Mar”. Next door Erick built a new casa above Las Brisas named “Casa Vista Hermosa”. It is built in the same style as his Las Brisas. On the lower level, Don Paulie is finishing his artistic “Casa Mosaic” and it has a door to connect with Luis’s deluxe “Casa Rio Mar” for large families or groups. Luis is building a brand new casa “Casa Rio Vista” which has two separate bedrooms and super view. All the Garcia Casa’s include bottled water and trash disposal and best yet, I am close by to get a tip on where to eat or a special location to visit. With the open fronts and massive views of the cove and the beach and not to mention, all you here is ocean noise at night. All good reasons to stay with the Garcia’s, this upcoming season. Click on the photo and in Flickr and you’ll see a larger view of this photo to study.

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Wow Brad!! Looks awesome, oooo we can’t wait!!! Thank you for the pic!!!

  2. marina Says:

    i am still confused where this is brad. can you show me on a map? i dont recognize the building at all. maybe i stayed on the point toooo much.

  3. admin Says:

    These casas are located on the right side of the main beach, in front is the mouth of the Rio Tuito.

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