week in usa

Another amazing fact… I’m boarding a plane and off to work in the States for a week. I planned this a month ago and now I don’t know what I was thinking. I just arrived home yesterday and now I’m off for another adventure. The poers been out for days in Yelapa, so I’m now in Vallarta trying to catch up on emails. Last night wasnt fun trying to pack by flashlite as I was swarmed by bugs attracted to my light. Very little sleep. zzzz…. oh yeah, forgot to tell you that I’m flying on Alaska, direct to San Fran for 234.00 roundtrip, taxes included !!! Captain Bobby in Yelapa hooked me up… and for an added extra bonus, Isabel Jordan of Casa Isabel is sitting next to me on the flight.

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  1. Sue Says:

    I had the pleasure of having lunch with Isabel and her daughter Gail today in Petaluma. I’m now caught up on all the Yelapa news. I’m sure she was hoping for some cooler weather here, but, right now in my town of Fairfield, Calif. it is 115 degrees!! Whew!

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