a great read!

Show your Yelapa support by buying a copy of Capnbobby’s new book. It’s an honor to have him and his wife, Kathryn as part of our community.

David Armstrong, a successful San Francisco Bay area criminal attorney, is retained by California’s senior U.S. Senator to defend her half-brother—a hobo and disabled Vietnam War veteran—against charges of murder and drug racketeering.

David and his investigator are convinced their new client is being framed, and they cross the country in search of information that might clear him.

In the ensuing federal trial, during which David and the senator begin a romance, David has to combat the underhanded techniques of both the F.B.I. and the prosecutors before the truth finally comes out. Or does it?

ISBN: 1-4241-0934-5

now at The Book Store, V. Carranza #334, Puerto Vallarta. Also at American bookstores,
Amazon.com, Albis.com, and Publish America.com.

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  1. Tama Backlund Says:

    Met you briefly in Yelapa to drop off some school supplies on Feb. 6th. My friend and I stayed at the Lagunita Hotel. I love to read, but the reason for the trip was to celebrate (???) a fulltime job that I started the following week of my trip. Now, I don’t have the time to read, but thanks to your request, I will purchase this book. I love your site, Brad. I truly admire what you did in the past and what you do in the present. I enjoyed the short time I had in Yelapa. I had a special book I brought to Yelapa but I never got to meet any children (only there 3 days there and one day was the hike to the water fall 2 hrs. away!!!) so on the boat ride back to PV, I saw a handsome man and his quiet wife and someone under a blanket. At Boca the little guy got to sit up and look around – he was not a baby as I had suspected. In PV this family went to the same bank as I so I asked the gentleman if he spoke English. He said, “alittle”. I explained that this book was brought from South Dakota for a special child and I hadn’t met that child yet, and “I see that your wife has a bag that she could carry the book in”. Would they accept this gift. He stated they would, and then kneeled down to the little one and asked him to thank me. I kneeled down and stated gracias. The wife smiled her approval. The man said his daughter was learning English at school. When we told him where we had stayed in Yelapa, he stated, “Did you meet Lucas?”. I had not but we had talked on the phone. This book is about a little fawn at birth. It is precious and I am so glad that I met this little guy. So, I do appreciate your recommending a book. I’ll be writing back if it wasn’t worth it, asking for a donation!!!!!!!!!

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