moms visit

My mom just had her first Yelapa experience and finally got a chance to meet her new family. I t was a fun week of good food, lots of laughs and a few tears… Vero was great! Even though they spoke different languages they were able to connect instantly. My kids are so happy! I have a feeling she will be back real soon…

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  1. lynn and vallie gibby Says:

    brad and Vero. we are so glad the trip with your mom turned out great1 we had such a wonderful time and hope to see you again soon. Brad and Vera, you are both so warm and caring, it was a pleasure to get to know you. Lynn and vallie

  2. Carrie & Barry Says:

    Hi, Brad and Vero. We had a chance to meet your Mom at breakfast on our last morning, she seems like an awesome lady.
    How can we begin to thank you for the absolutely incredible day we spent with you in the mountains? It was the highlight of our trip, not only this one but all the trips we’ve ever made to Mexico. We felt privileged to be with the two of you, the ideal tour guides and interpreters, and appreciated more than you’ll ever know the time you took away from your other obligations to spend the day with us. A finer pair of ambassadors you’ll never find.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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