dad and bob

In order to keep things in balance, I’d like to note that last May, my Dad also had a wonderful visit with my family. I didn’t get the chance to post about it.

I’ve just realized that I can scratch a few things off my list of life., actually a few big things! After 45 years of life, I have finally have shown my parents the life I’ve chosen and have their full support. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and to have the future to look forward to. By the way, pictured here is my Dad with Bob Hope.

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  1. Tama Backlund Says:

    God, Brad, your dad looks like he is 50!!!! (Bob used to come to Mitchell, SD to the world’s only Corn Palace to entertain, on occasion!!) I enjoy viewing this website. My parents died when they were in their 50’s. You are very lucky, even if it has possibley taken some time to renew kinships. My 22 yr. old daughter went to PV on her senior spring break from Lincoln, NE this March and she really enjoyed it. Keeps talking about her parasailing adventure. I keep saying, hey honey, at 52 yrs. old, I did it first in Yelapa. And, someday sweetie, go there your at your mom’s request. Like Costa Rica, it is paradise! Your mom is a beautiful young woman too, Brad. You are a gift to Yelapa. God does work in mysterious ways. Oh, did the Sturgis, SD tank tops work for anyone?!!! Tama

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