wildman wordsmith

Meet Doug Johnson, inventor, master craftsman and wordsmith. I recently learned that he coined the phrase “I’d rather have a palapa in yelapa rather than a condo in redondo.” Doug and his brother have been visiting Yelapa for the past 25 years.

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  1. Faith Says:

    A fellow Canuck !!! We got to meet them both ( Yelapa Dave as well ) . While we were there ! Small world indeed , met them while eating at Pollo Bollo . He was a character , we bought our Yelapa hat from them !!!

  2. PHILIPPO Says:

    I thought he said “I´ed rather have a Panga in Koyoto
    than a whirllygig in Whinnapeg”
    Hey Bros…we are overdue for our annual treck
    but I will be ready soon .
    Thank You all

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