Philippo Lo Grande out of pain after surgery on back

Philippo Lo Grande is resting comfortably in Puerto Vallarta following surgery for a back problem resulting from long-term chronic sciatica. He did not, as previously reported, fall from a scaffold; rather he suffered a severe back spasm and lay immobile for several hours before help arrived. “It was like being hit by a sledgehammer,” he said later.

Philippo required an MRI scan and expensive surgery to relieve pressure on a lower back disk. The surgery was performed at CMQ hospital in Puerto Vallarta on Monday, Feb. 20, and was successful; Philippo is now out of pain but still cannot walk easily and is confined to the home of a friend in the city.

Philippo is known to thousands of Yelapa and Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors as an artist whose paintings of local scenes have been displayed in many galleries in the city. Funds to help pay for the surgery and his recovery were collected at a benefit at the Passion Flower café in Yelapa Feb. 22, and an art auction for his benefit was held at Trio restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Feb. 26. The Yelapa benefit netted $1,100 (U.S.) and the art auction, at which some 60 paintings were sold, about $5,000. In addition, $340 was donated by friends who saw the story on this website.

Readers with PayPal accounts may still make donations online by going to the PayPal site ( and making a payment to Cliff Barney’s PayPal account. Choose the “send money” option and send funds to Cliff at Under the “Category of Purchase” menu, choose “service.” Other contributions from the U.S. may be made by emailing Cliff and setting up a bank transfer.

3 Responses to “Philippo Lo Grande out of pain after surgery on back”

  1. PHILIPPO Says:

    Thankyou all for your concern, well wishes,and contrabutions.
    I am expecting to make a full recovery, poco e poco
    I guess my 14 scorpion stings were prepairing me for this.
    It even got me to quit smoking 2 weeks today.
    lots to paint about and celebrate.
    All the best to you and yours,


  2. wendy Says:

    congratulations on recovery from surgery and quitting smoking! not smoking will definitely help your body heal. I am sending good vibes to you, all the way from Kansas!!

  3. Alan Ball Says:

    Hey Phillipo, wanted to say hello from Va. Beach, all is good here.

    Like to chat with you send me an email address if you have one.

    Take care of yourself or I will tell you mother.

    I enjoyed read about your sucess and how the citizens of Yelapa and Puerto Vallarta are treating you.

    Take care of yourself.

    Your Cousin Alan

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