mama y hija

I am a so lucky to have not only a great partner but a wonderful mother in law too!

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  1. Kelly Says:

    ahhhhh Alicia!! What I wouldn’t give to have another treatment right now! Thank you for the tea, it definatley helped us (Bob & Kelly, in January) I hope your husband retrieved your cup from the Lagunita desk that we left there for you! All my best!! What a sweet lady!!

  2. Sue Says:

    Both of these lovely ladies are very special women. Hearts of gold with hidden angel wings! Sweeter souls you will not find! It was a pleasure to get to know both of them better. Since time didn’t permit a massage with Alicia’s magic hands this past trip, I am definitely scheduling one with her for 3/07! And no trip would be complete without a visit with “mi hermana”, Vero. It’s great to be a part of a big family! …Brad, since Vero has made me an “honorary” sister, that would make you my brother-in-law!! :)

  3. johanna Says:

    Hola Tia y Vero me alegra mucho que esten bien! SALUDOS A TODOS!!!!

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