birthday wishes

I wish my sweet wife, the happiest of years, God knows she deserves it! When I first met her I was was amazed by her energy and how you can feel it from great distances, I’m so lucky to get to now feel it up close. I love you Vero!

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  1. Sarah Mutrux Says:

    Feliz cumplianos, Vero!!

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Sarah…

    Thanks…I’ll pass it to her.

  3. Lucia Says:

    Vero! Feliz Cumpleanos!! Un poco frio en Alaska ahoy, pero estaramos pronto en Yelapa! (Was that even close? “A little cold in Alaska today, but we will soon be in Yelapa.”) Vero, yo intento con mi espanol. Esta un poco cojo!

    Hasta luego,

    con amor de los Zaczkowskis

  4. Windy and Katy Says:

    Feliz cumplianos, Vero. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. We will be in on Dec. 14th

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