back road fun

Well… last weeks adventure was surely an adventure but not the kind I like. For 5 years I’ve dreamed of having my car in Yelapa and even better parked at my casa. You see, Casa Iguana is located high on the hill and a private little side road comes right to it. This year, I not only manifested my car but we put in a gate, so we can park on our property. Not such a big deal for all of you but it is huge for us. Having the car offers my family the opportunity to visit family all over the Cabo Corrientes. Back to our best titled “mis adventure”. With the car filled and ready to head to Tuito and parts unknown, the clutch dies and the master cylinder bursts. So much for that adventure! Cars are Evil Beasts!!! I actually started to vibrate with tension… Quickly I headed for the beach and a swim. A few days later… I was referred a mechanic. He arrived at 1:30 in Yelapa. By 7pm, we are eating shrimp tacos at Ramona’s with a new clutch, master cylinder, the starter repaired and brakes checked…. all for 380 dollars parts and labor! A week later we redid the adventure driving all over the back roads collecting orchids and visiting friends and relatives. All is good…

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  1. cliff Says:

    cars in yelapa indeed! heavy karma, as you quickly found out.

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