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Meet Our Doctor, Josué Alejandro Rodrîguez Gallo from Los Bajîos, Zacatecas. This sharp, 23 year old works long hours under tough conditions, for little pay, as every young doctor should do. The clinic located 1 minute past the path to the stairs, to the main beach, is open from 8:30am to 3;30pm. Afterhours, Monday – Wednesday, Josué teaches high school, up river and can be reached by phone at 209-5000 ( emergencies only ) The phone number of the clinic is 209-5166. In general as a tourist, if you are in need of medical services stop by and visit him. He speaks broken english but can read fully. It is customary to pay the doctor direct after a consultation. How much is up to you.

On another note, our clinic runs on a shoe string. Here are some needs : an oxygen tank, Insulina, Furosemida, Nalbufina, Difehidraminea, ear drops , Orciprenalina, Terbutalina, Ritodrina, Pulse Oxcemeter, Atropina, EKG machine, Adrenalina, Epinefrina, Suture equiptment, and much more. Anything you can do to help, would be so appreciated!

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  1. Sue Says:

    ?Que es el nombre del doctor? ?Es el tu medico nuevo en la clinica?

  2. admin Says:

    well…check out the first few lines…every year we get a new doctor and yes, Josué is the new doctor. I’ll introduce you to him when you arrive…


    Me da mucho gusto que sigas ayudando a la clìnica, es bueno saber que a pesar de que no eres Mexicano, es como si lo fueras.

    Si ves a Josue, saludamelo de mi parte tambien al doctor Rafael y a Roberto el enfermero.

    Saludame también a doña Alicia, a Don Marcos, a Daly,Joyita,Kevin
    a tu esposa Veronica y a todos tus hijos.

    espero seguir visitando tu pagina, que me trae muy bonitos recuerdos


    (pasante anterior de Yelapa)

  4. jennifer Says:

    Timely post, Pan Bimbo! On our recent visit to Yelapa, my boyfriend slipped and fell at the Cascada…he received excellent care at the clinic. We did not meet Dr. Josue’, but Dr. Rafael, who was so kind.

    I’ll let Gavin post more on this subject, as he is a better storyteller and it is quite a story!

    Thanks, too to Jean from YESI for coming in to help with some interpertation and nice conversation!

    I think our goal is to provide the clinic with a stretcher!

  5. Sue Says:

    Guess I must have responded before your whole post was finished. All that showed on my screen was the doctors’ picture and the word “doctor”. Thanks for all the info. I’ll try to bring some of the stuff on his “wish list”. Kaiser has already donated gauze dressings, sterile gloves, Betadine and suture needles!! Sometimes, all you have to do is ask, and you shall receive! I’ll try to stop in PV for some of the meds, I’ll bring them with me in Jan.

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