water taxi

As of November 1st…There are a few changes to the water taxis to Yelapa. The price is now 110 pesos for one way and 200 roundtrip ( thats roughly 11 dollars and twenty dollars) If you live or stay in Yelapa more than one month of the season, then you have the opportunity to purchase a resident card, a sort of, frequent flyer card for 50 pesos from my office or the office on the Los Muertos pier. It offers you the Yelapense rate of 80 pesos per direction. In years past all that looked could get the Yelapense discount but times have changed. The other thing to think about is that the taxis only hold 30 people and most importantly that is alll they are licensed for. A new system with a first come first served list is about to take place. Note that these are the rates and info for three main Yelapa Water Taxis… Beautiful Sea, Rayando Sol and La Guerra. No word what Water Taxi Jack is going to do this season… His Hours are very inportant to visitors, leaving at 10:45am and the popular 5:30pm boat from Vallarta. Note that he does not accept tickets from the other boats but the other three do… take a look here for the complete schedules… more info soon…

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