Original Pie Lady of Yelapa

More promotion of the family! My friend Reah, who works with bayvallarta.com recently contacted me in regards to Vero’s Aunt, Juana, the original pie lady of Yelapa. Reah put together a story and you can read it here. Additional note: The Sister In Law who gave Juana, the idea to sell pie is Antonia of Casa Milagros. I firmly believe that Yelapa PIe cannot be duplicated elsewhere, it’s local ingredients are only found in Yelapa are what are crucial to it’s flavor. Thats my opinion, I could be wrong.

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  1. poppin2 Says:

    These pies are superb. We actually met up with the “pie lady” gathering coconuts to shred and put in her pies. Talk about fresh, home made. No wonder they are SIMPLY THE BEST! I so enjoyed the article on the pie ladies. Thanks for including it on your site.

  2. Codepage9(pie) Says:

    I offer my best wishes for another “Original pie” in the world. Thank you for bringing delicious pie to those who seek it. One day I will have to sample one of your pie’s.

    Codepage9, the original pie

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