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Over a few days I heard a couple different stories about a Hawk that was interacting with humans at the Gay Retreat, Paco Paco. I came across this story in a blog that confirmed it and also had a unique tale of a visit to Yelapa. Day’s later, I ran into one of the Paco Paco owners who told me that Paco, his partner had trained a Rare Black Solitary Eagle to fly to him, well actually anyone with food. In regards to the story, don’t believe all that you read. Yelapanense do not work in the marijuana trade and If they are you are not going to see it publicly. I do get a chuckle daily about a patch of marijuana located right off the main path where all visitors pass.. I dont even know if the locals see it mixed in with the tomatoes. In regards to private water taxis from Boca, pay 600 pesos (60usd) during regular hours and a bit more after or close to dark.

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  1. Cody Sontag Says:

    I have seen this very rare eagle go after food on a stick extended from the hand of the owner of Paco’s Paradise. It is an amazing site, but my concern is for the eagle. What has this taught the eagle to do but attack moving prey on a boat? The future tourist eating a morsel-or carrying a small dog on the (any) boat is going to get a painful surprise I am afraid. The eagle can also be easily captured or killed this way-by anyone. It is a cool trick-and a dangerous one for the eagle. It makes me sad for this rare eagle-he won’t last long. They range from Mexico to N Argentina and little is known about them.

  2. garyrbeck Says:

    Awww, I was just there and did not see him. Paco was there and his bf. They sure have fixed their paradise a lot since my first visit by panga Rosita. Escondido.

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