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Yelapa Dave made a surprise and rare September visit to Yelapa, this last week. While here, we got together with Brenda of as well as JR of Both of these Vallarta Information/communication masters are helping so many people thoroughly enjoy their vacations in Vallarta and surrounding areas. David and myself moderate forums on their sites. If your planning a visit , grab a cold drink, sit back and check out what we all have to offer. The yelapa forums can be found here and here.

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  1. poppin2 Says:

    Thank you – for posting your pictures. You three are clearly the most dedicated promoters of this wonderland and I thank you for the time you invest in keeping us Yelapa-wanna-bees in touch with your world. It’s nice to see your smiling faces.

  2. Sue Says:

    I agree with Poppin2. It’s nice to see you all together. I really appreciate the different web sites that you 3 have created and moderate. It’s the only way we “out of towner’s” can keep connected since we’ve “adopted” Yelapa as our home away from home.

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