quimixto falls

We spent a day in nearby Quimixto yesterday, guided by Vero. I am always amazed how big our circle of friends and family is here. I was reintroduced to Anna and her father, Roberto who have some wonderful rentals, right off the beach area north of town. The casas are large and great for families. I’ll come back, this next week and get a few pictures and info on renting them .Quimixto was a sweet little rancho with large paved streets and like Yelapa, no cars. It’s river was large and running strong. We walked the 40 minute dirt path to the cascada. I always feel good to walk in open land with massive vistas, It was great! The waterfall was in great form with massive force. The restaurant was a bit blunt for my taste. Sit in our chairs if your going to spend 50 pesos. I asked him to dig deep for his hospitality. The last boat from Quimixto to Yelapa is just after 6 p.m. from the pier. Quimixto is a great day trip from Yelapa. It is located 10 minutes via water taxi, north of Yelapa. Caution should be used at the waterfall as six people have died here over the past six years. Never underestimate the power of moving water. In general, new sights and experiences are always a good thing.

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