palapainyelapa office

Heres an update on our office. We have almost a month left of construction and it will be ready. This next week, we texture everything. Now, I sit in it daily and daydream. It’s the closest dwelling to the ocean that I know of in Yelapa.

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  1. Ed Fladung Says:

    that is too cool, Brad. hey look at you! you have an office! very very cool. can’t wait to come and check it out. maybe in the next few weeks.

  2. admin Says:

    I would be honored with a visit from you two…
    I will be on an adventure Oct.13- 30th…
    maybe before that?

  3. Sue Says:

    Hi Brad,
    Congrats on your new office, looks like a good fit. Is that the Tuito River in the lower right portion of the picture? [You could cool your heels while renting palapas!]

  4. poppin2 Says:

    I agree – you have the very best spot in Yelapa! We loved our two weeks in the suite just above you. Congratulations – can’t wait to visit your new office. We’re also delighted to see you’re the new rental agent for this and many other properties. What good fortune for the owners.

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