mismaloya…going going…gone

Tonight is one of those nights that I wish I completely understood all the subtleties of the Mexican language. News in from the nearby town of Mismaloya… The Government, direct from Guadalajara tried to remove the locals from the community. The locals were armed with sticks and machetes and luckily this time, the police did not use massive force. The police left but rumor has it that they are close by and will return. The residents are on watch and sleeping very little. As I understand the situation, I will pass info to you. In the above picture of Mismaloya , you can’t help but imagine Yelapa and how similar the lay of the land is. Someday, probably sooner than wanted, they will set their sights on us…

Update…I understand the land battle has been in the courts for years and judgement was made long ago and is now being carried out. The land that many of the village is located has been sold, long ago. I’m afraid it is going to be a battle either way. Any time you have to ask people to leave their house behind and especially to move into who knows what, you got a problem! I hope no one is hurt. Rumor is that negociations are in the process, now.

Another Update.. I spoke with a friend who is a comodante for the police and he says the issue is actually to remove a few families from Guerrero that are living in a loaned casa or two and not trying to remove the entire community. I want to believe this… only time will tell…

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  2. Ed Says:

    This is very disturbing. I hope you will keep us up to date on this. The first time we came to PV we stayed at Mismaloya in that monstrocity on the beach. What I loved was the people who had little palapa restaurants and bars on the beach. I learned to make a killer Margarita from the one at the far south end.

    In the north end of the bay there is a very well orchestrated plan to privatize the beaches from La Cruz to Punta De Mita. Most of it has effectively been privatized. We heard recently that our favorite beach Destiladeras will be closed in February. Except for an access road (very rugged) at the south end, there will be no access to the beach. They have already fenced off the Destiladeras beach south of the public restaurant. The south access road will probably also be closed. This is really a travesty. Destiladeras is probably the favorite beach of Mexicans who live in this area. People come all the way from Guadalajara to go there. With the beaches south of Bucerias effectively privatized, Bucerias, La Cruz and Punta De Mita will have the only public beaches in the North Bay.

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