It looks as though, I am going to be in the States for a week, next month and perfect for me get my ration of sushi. It is available in Vallarta but rarely spend sufficient time in Vallarta to eat it., usually having to rush back to the return boat to Yelapa. In California, I know an all you can eat sushi bar with awesome quality… now to see how to plan to visit it at least three times during my visit. Anyone want to join me?

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  1. jennifer Says:

    Have a nice visit! I hope you’re not going to be gone when we’re visiting Yelapa…Oct 29 to Nov 6!

  2. Reiko Says:

    I am very excited to taste some fresh seafood once again! I am Japanese and LOVE Sushi!! However, currently living in Kentucky in the middle of the continental… My family and I are visiting PV in early October for the first time, planning to visit Yelapa, too. If you would like, we will get together and make sushi with the fresh catch at Yelapa beach!

  3. admin Says:

    I should be back by then…please stop by and visit

  4. Sue Says:

    Count me in…let’s do lunch! Yum! Llameme cuando eres en California. Domo Arigato.

  5. garyrbeck Says:

    I have a fave all you can eat sushi/sashimi bar in Japantown San Francisco where I live parttime. My salivary glands are working right now!!!

    San Francisco, CA.

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