His opening line, Marcos Joya Ramos, its been my name , all my life, My father in law is like very few here in Yelapa. A master of many different skills. For the past thirty years he has mastered direct sales on the beach with Jewelry. Marcos’s style to selling is very laid back and he has the ability to read people. Next time your here, take a look at his custom silver pieces and at the same time, share a few minutes with him, you’ll most surely be impressed by his goods and pressence. Ask about history, animals, plants, culture, jokes. For an added treat ask him for a bottle of his famous and rare charecka…

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  1. Sue Says:

    Marcos must be the most patient person on earth. He showed me his lovely jewelry but I didn’t have the time to browse. He waited for me each day after class and, by day #3, I finally had time to pick out a pair of silver and red earrings. I am looking forward to getting more jewelry and trying some of his charecka and raicilla in Jan., 2006!

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