John Banana Dead….Not!!!

You got to love Yelapa. As we arrived back from a day trip to Quimixto, our boat was met with the news of John O. Thompson’s death. Instantly, I was saddened. I was flooded with thoughts of all the stories that I remember of him here in Yelapa. The no dog John story, his free form dancing, the time an iguana bit him, his custom made T-shirts… puerto viagra, his passion for red wine and his dryer than dry humor. All these are just to name a few… I spoke with a few other friends and thats when a bit of confusion occurred. One friend told of hearing a version of his death a week ago and calling him to find he was alive and well. But the details I heard were current and were direct from his son… supposedly! I found his number and tentatively called. His answering machine was pretty clear… he was out, leave a message… the question was if he was coming back? I left a message, asking John or his family to return the call. I see that tonight, his art studio, on the beach is lit up, as a memorial. As I awoke this morning at 1 a.m., my wife mentions that John called with a smile that she could see on the phone. John Banana Lives!!!! I hope they haven’t given away too much of your belongings yet…when in Yelapa this year stop by and visit a Yelapa Legend… before its too late! And for me a new nickname is born, John Fantasma….

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