gemma garcia garcia

Meet Gemma Garcia Garcia, our newly crowned, Queen of Yelapa. Last night’s Mexican Independence festivities lasted until the wee hours, with the entire community present. It began with a few dozen male and female basketball games and then moved into the contest. Thrown in for the half-time show was Tepo, doing a boogie and a bit of break-dancing. Then the five young, beautiful contestants for queen, strutted their stuff in a few different outfits and answered questions. Next, our Cultural Center performed a play about animal conservation. It involved more than fifty kids and was a project of the many volunteers visiting this summer, from all over the world. Huge animals were made with found items and recycled trash. Finally, around 1am, after sitting on a rock for six hours, and dreaming of my bed.. Gemma, a sweet little 12yr. old was named Queen, After the honors of the flag … the human powered bull was run through the crowd with fireworks attached for danger and fun. All over México celebrations similar celebrations took place but surely few like ours. Here’s a report of a fiesta that topped ours….The adventure began when a client asked to see a firework function before he bought it… Viva México!!!

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