This week two different Gringas, one who has lived here for many years and one that visited here for many years, both gave me a ration of shit. They both are mad that I have polished my rental business. I’m sure there will be many more with the same response, as this season my new office, on the playa is very visiable. As far as my services here… I feel great about what I offer to visitors and Yelapense alike. I am so thankful to have the oppurtunity to work here. The majority of casas I represent are Yelapense and my small comission is virtually invisable due to the reduced price I get from the homeowners. Its a win/win situation for all.

Yelapa is changing… but I can’t take responsibility for it! The entire Bay of Banderas is planned to quadriple in tourism in the next five years and luckily Yelapa is difficult to develop, so we are put on the back burner, but sorry to say, the developers are slowly circling.

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  1. admin Says:

    I just want to thank the friends and clients that have written about this post and offered support. All is good… I just need to learn how not to take things personal…actually its been a life long lesson… I get better, step by step.

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