full of hot air?

For months, I’ve been studying, reading and planning about podcasting. Yelapa is one of those places on the planet that you cant get enough of, especially when your not here. Thats the crux of why I think a podcast, live from Yelapa, would be great! Imagine hearing the frogs in the lagoon, the booming of the baille or disco and yes, even the call of a rooster. These few examples only scratch the surface, interviews with Yelapense, audio tours and more is planned. I went out and found a mentor to guide me through the process and to lessen my learning curve and finally these past days, I’ve been attempting my first show. Let me tell you, this is no easy feat. It definitely takes practice and a few hundred tries. I got the gift of gab but I’m going to have to pull out a few tricks, from my magic bag to pull this off. Give or take, a month and you’ll be listening to Radio Yelapa. You do know what podcasting is, right? If not, heres a primer for you and one in Spanish.

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