pier = muelle

Three years ago a rare hurricane hit the Bahia de Banderas and destroyed the pier near the Hotel. From that day, beach arrivals and departures have been common place for visitors as well as locals. Trying to get on or off a boat isn’t the easiest thing to do especially without practice. THe good news is the pier is being rebuilt and approximately thirty days from now the project is planned to be completed. The base is completed and now the cement floor is to constructed. Another project put together by our current President of the Cabo Corrientes, Léon. Here is another view of the project.

In a town meeting held today, plans were discussed for a malecon connecting the playita and the main beach and also a malecon from the new pier to the beach and some brick benches close to the town pier. Viva Yelapa! We are ready for your next visit…

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