Nasty Beast

This is the mosquito that carries yellow fever, dengue and more bad shit… So far this has been a great year for mosquitos in Yelapa. After all these years here, I don’t have too many secrets to staying away from them, or them staying away from you. I can tell you that feeding times are in the morning and as its getter close to dark. Pants and shirts are a big help, but hard to wear, in our tropical setting. A fan at night does wonders for all types of insects. I personally don’t sleep under a net, as Ive learned to sleep and swat insects at the same time. For bites, lemon is wonderful. If the itch is getting to you, cut a lemon in half and put it over a flame with the help of a fork. Apply to the bite as hot as you can handle and rub. This takes the itch away for a good while.

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