First Hard Rain

A few days ago, we had a good rain. As I’ve said recently, any rain is good rain, but I mean a typical Yelapa Summer Rain! A strong constant sheet of water, that encompasses all. Rain, so hard that you can’t really hear anything else. It sat above for a few hours in the way early morning, flashing bright lightning , every minute or so. The wind stayed to a mininum. The combination of wind and rain are super intense. We here at Casa Iguana are living the high life this year, as we have new plastic windows, for our palapa’s. In year’s past, it was rediculous to run around saving your goods from the elements, always praying the wind would not pick up. Well so far so good! All has been dry with the execption of a nasty drop over my bed. A solution for it , still has to be found.

Theres many schools of thought and it is my opinion that since we haven’t had the strong rains yet, they are around the corner and will hit soon… another opinion is that we just won’t get them this year… any thoughts?

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