the mouth

Jari Poulin © 2005: All rights reserved

We have finally received just enough water to fill the lagoon and to open the mouth of the Rio Tuito. It was a treat, to once again, watch the visitors trying to estimate the river’s power and when and how to cross it. Many a year ago, I would sit on the far side of the river, daily and watch the movie unfold. Every week or so, from my Inlaws, Casa del Sol, we hear a yell, as either a drunk or a eager tourist tries to cross her, without patience and or respect. The secret for those who are visiting, is to watch the locals path. note: It usually is not crossable, within the first 20 minutes of the break.

Another tip, if you are visiting, in the next few weeks… swim close to the Hotel or even better at Isabel’s Beach, on the point. Far up river, are many communities and until we get some real strong rains, it isn’t the best or cleanest swimming area.

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