Just when you thought it was safe, here he goes again, writing about bugs in Yelapa. I ‘m sorry, I thought I had it out of my system. The Canclo is an amazingly big spider-like insect. This is the big daddy of all spiders in México and causes the most reaction in visitors. The Canclo is actually in the same family as the alacran or scorpion. Fear not, as Canclos are harmless and will not bother you, in any way. Actually, they are your friend, as they eat scorpions and other insects. It’s long legs are the key to eating them as the Canclo can hover above its prey unscathed. Commonly, they are found behind furniture or appliances. Local folklore says their bite is worse than a scorpion, but science says they are not venomous. Either way, best to keep out of their path.

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    […] ese beasts are good, seeing that eat scorpions. I have written about the canclo’s in earlier entries. You will see insects while visiting Yelapa but few will bother you […]

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